Eyes Upon Waking

A True Story by Andy Golub and Jennifer Scott

How do you help someone who is suicidal to have the will to live? You start by changing the stigma of depression! "You make it safe to discuss this subject with others and not keep it locked up inside".
    ~Jen Scott
Eyes Upon Waking is inspired by a true story about one woman’s struggle to come to terms with her own existence. This film has garnered a great deal of interest from a wide range of people - not only those who identify with the main character’s search for understanding within herself but others who have lost people close to them and want to understand why. The story is told with a surprising amount of humor, which keeps it entertaining while giving the audience a break from the drama. The target audience includes artistic-minded individuals as well as straightforward-thinking, everyday people who don’t know what it’s like to suffer their emotions. The appeal of the story is that it exposes psychological issues still mostly hidden throughout society yet everyone in the world either knows someone who’s experienced these things or felt this way themselves. When simply being alive is a life-or-death struggle, people are drawn to that conflict and want to know what will happen to these characters. 
Tag: Life doesn’t always end.....just because you want it to.
Logline: A troubled woman must come to terms with her suicide attempts while spending several days in a psychiatric facility.
Synopsis: Taren Foley survives her second suicide attempt within a week, and is sent from the ER to a psychiatric facility for three days of observation and analysis. Quickly realizing she has no intention of taking her life in the future, Taren alienates herself from the patients and staff, biding her time until she can be released. When circumstances force her to remain locked up all weekend, a compassionate Taren makes an effort to help her fellow patients with their issues, unaware she still neglects her own. By the time she is released on Monday, Taren has yet to feel better about her life, but there is hope that one day, she might.

"Eyes Upon Waking" is a passion project, told from my heart, about the disease of suicide and how it is misunderstood by society.  This film uncovers the darkness in the minds of those who suffer from their emotions, yet shows how light can be found with the right kind of help. Those who are lost to us cannot be returned - I want to bring awareness of what they went through to those they've left behind. This message of this film ends with hope!
                                             Depression = PRESS ON
Marble Surface

This is a strong low-budget effort with winning characters and sound psychological understanding extending beyond the extremes the patients have been driven toward.

This story is for any person with a friend or family member who has taken their own life, and is left with asking why.

Inspired by a true story about one woman's struggle to come to terms with her own existence.