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I can identify quite well with your film.  It is outstanding in trying to expand other's understanding of the complexity and pain with which we deal.


I was very impressed with your acting and the authentic feel of what it’s like inside those facilities. I love how you captured the feeling of depression and suicidal thoughts and the horrible treatment by doctors. His “Gomer” comment reminded me of some nurses when I worked at CRC. I liked the music and the production.


The character you played was not the most likable, but maybe that was the point. The pain behind your eyes felt real. It’s a hard topic and I think you showed this realistically while still giving the sense of hope and community amongst the struggling. 


As a survivor of suicide and having lost many close people to suicide I commend you. 

All my admiration,

Ty Logan, Radio Host

Great job! I'm so proud of you!!

I love the final edited version. So great. I laughed out loud and cried a bunch of times. 

My mom just loved it. We talked about it the whole way home. ❤️


You really created a wonderful story that is so relatable and helpful. Bless you.



-Laura Milkins

Artist, Teacher, Radio Host

I'm breathless! Your film is captivating. YOU are captivating. Thank you for sharing this with me. I will be watching it again tomorrow. I want to know more! 


I honestly have no words to truly tell you how this movie has affected me. 

When you are sitting in the Doctor's office talking about your mom....mind blown! I was crying so hard because I could feel your pain. It...was...tangible.  

Thank you again for the opportunity and privilege of, experiencing your film!


All my love, 

Annette Hansen 

It was a wonderful film. In fact it will make a difference. Thank you for doing it and including me as well.  ~CL

I wanted to tell you how compelling your film is and your performance.  It was so real.  It was gut wrenching.  



Goodwill visits the set of  Eyes Upon Waking
I just wanted to say again how incredibly moving your film was. I had no idea what I was getting into when I showed up at the screening. I’m so incredibly grateful to have been able to witness that. 

When I started this film I wasn’t sure what to expect outside of what this film was about. The film was so powerful.!!!! I was blown away with Taren's powerful speech with Dr. Kepler, to her interactions with Maria during the family visit to highlight a few key moments. You really captured Taren in this film from her Suicide Attempt, to the patients she connects with up until she walks out the doors. The people in this film have gone through unimaginable hardships in life wanting needing love and a sense of belonging just like anyone else.


Zac Talbot

Ok so that threw me for a loop. What an undertaking. You are amazing!!!! So thrilled you shared this piece of brilliance with me. So much was true of my life growing up. Great great work. Academy worthy performance! 


Steve Lichtenstein

Hi Jennifer!


I watched the film over the weekend and found it quite moving and incredibly well acted/produced. Kudos to you all around! I'm so glad the film is finding an audience at festivals, and I believe there are wider audiences out there for this. 

~Susan Kerns

I watched this three times and still love this film. It depicts so much and shows what love and companion can do in other lives.



    I feel more and more that this is a subject matter that resonates with people. With The subject matter was something not only have I experienced to some degree, but also have had some close friends having been in this position. I have sent quite a few people I know the trailer for your film and will continue to do so. 


Thank you so much for sharing your story with me and giving me an insight into your life. Having the strength to push through and have the desire to share a part of such a difficult life isn’t something many people would be able to do. 




Good morning! I wanted to thank you so much for sharing your work with me. It was everything that I consider meaningful art to be: memorable, thought provoking, engaging and brave. The production quality and cinematography was incredibly impressive for a movie of any budget and the writing was excellent. Touching yet raw with just the right amount of humor. The fact that this story is truly yours makes me just want to give you a hug bc I know the pain is real and your strength is inspiring.


Amie Rodgers

Publisher, Maverick Magazine 


Thank you so much Jen for such a brilliant and honest movie. People need to see Eyes Upon Waking.  It evoked so many emotions that I kept crying which I haven't done in ages. So heart wrenching. 

Things that stood out for me: People who care - seek them out and find what makes you feel valuable. I did!!  Great casting, dialogue and music. I didn't realize that you portrayed Taren.  What a gift you have!!


Thank you again for sharing,


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